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Join us in Pawnee Rock for the 9th Annual Predictable Genetics, Proven Performance Bull and Female Sale on March 2, 2019. Check back in January for more details on the offering. The auction will be available through DVAuction online. Register here prior to March 2.

Click here for our 2018 Sale information. 

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7523 is as powerful of a lead off sire as we have offered. 7523 combines one of the breed’s leading growth and marbling sires, Optimus 4095, with the knock out production power of the Okie cow family. This bull is absolutely off the charts in nearly every measured trait. His dam raised the lead off and top seller of the 2017 sale, Answer 5720. She displays awesome genetic potential as her progeny have indexed 104, 115, 108, 118 for BW, WW, YW, and MB EPDS. Between a killer look and outstanding numbers, you will have to look long and hard to find a more complete young sire. At 7/8 Shorthorn, if mated to purebred cows, his offspring will qualify as purebred.

A true spread bull, 7539 is in the top 15% of the breed for BW and CED and top 20% for WW and YW. His mother is a proven performance cow and is showing it as she is also the maternal granddam to the lead off spring yearling bull.

Optimus 7427 ties all the numbers together with great performance and superb feed efficiency. With the 3rd lowest actual conversion and indexing 145 for gain, he will sire fast gaining calves that will get in and out of the lot in a timely fashion and save a pile in feed costs as well. 7427 also spreads as well as any in the offering, with top 25% BW and top 10% growth EPDs.

Soggy and huge middled, 7532 is one of the most eye appealing sons of Optimus we have produced. When you combine his top 25% BW EPD with a balanced set of growth numbers, you get a bull very well suited for our short range conditions.

Here is a low birthweight and high growth Prestige 0590 son whose numbers may not tell the whole story. He has more than enough actual performance to hang with the explosive growth EPD Optimus sons, but do it in a much more acceptable calving ease package. Also, a very efficient gainer, gaining well over the average per day and indexing 112 for conversion.

A rare genetic package by the great Jake’s Proud Jazz, one of the highest used sires ever in the Shorthorn breed. 7504 is a model of what made Jazz so popular. He is heavily muscled, easy keeping, and has extremely good calving ease.

A balanced trait Optimus son that possesses BW and CE numbers in the top 30% with growth and carcass numbers in the top 10-20%. He is backed by a cow that ratios well over 100 in nearly every production category.

Here is a rare opportunity to own a son of one of the model composite cows anywhere. 7612 is a maternal half brother to the great Ash Valley Answer 9652. This is only the second bull calf by the Pacesetter Award winning female, Ash Valley Advantage 6196, as she has been a prolific female producer. She backs up 7612’s solidly balanced EPD profile with BW, WW, YW, and MB ratios of 101, 107, 106, and 106 over 10 progeny.

A high feed efficiency, low RFI Leader son that exhibits moderate growth in his actual performance. The Leader line produces excellent maternal traits and will make functional long lasting cows.

A Leader son by a 2-time Pacesetter, high performance Answer 9652 daughter. It would be hard to imagine a better combination of the maternal abilities of Leader and the growth and carcass power of Answer. Don’t overlook the high ADG and well below average F:G conversion on this one as well.

A Prestige 0590 son that will be heifer safe with the lowest actual BW and lowest BW EPD in the offering. 7531 has $CEZ and CED numbers in the Top 1% of the breed and his BW and CEM are in the top 2%. His calving ease dam has an average BW ratio of 120 over four progeny.

Breed leading BW, CED and CEM numbers combined with moderate growth predictors. This 0590 son is out of the only remaining daughter of KL Double Duty 6294, the birthweight revolutionary sire of the Shorthorn breed. Rose 5330 is a Pacer Performance dam that is still solid in production at nearly 14 years old.

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It’s very rare when you get a young sire that excels in every parameter from birth to growth to carcass to feed efficiency. Answer 8310 epitomizes what we look for in a breed or even industry changing sire prospect. 8310 is top of the breed for CED, CEM, and BW combined with top 5% WW and top 1% CW and MB as well as having top tier ADG and feed conversion.

A low birthweight, moderate growth Answer son out of a really good, young Prestige X Double Duty daughter indexing 107 and 113 for weaning and yearling on her first two calves. With his pedigree, he will be safe on heifers and have rapid growth to weaning.

A highly feed efficient son of Prestige 0590, 8219 ratioed 116 for feed conversion while also posting a 124 for ADG. He couples that efficiency with the ability to post weaning and yearling ratios of 108 and 113. Also note, 8219 was one of the few to have an equally high REA and IMF on his ultrasound.

Breed leading WW, YW and MB EPDs while still having a below breed average BW EPD. This Optimus son shows well below average feed intake resulting in a low feed conversion.

It just so happens that the most eye appealing of the Optimus sons is also one of the most balanced numbered. He is one of the lightest actual BW and has top 25% CED, BW, CEM and $CEZ as well as 15% WW and YW figures. His mother ranks in the top percentile for BW among active cows in the breed. There are not very many top $F bulls that are also high $CEZ.

Answer 8240 is a money saver and premium generator. He ratios 103 and 109 for WW and YW, he is one of the top ADG bulls in the spring group, and his 118 IMF ratio makes him the top bull in his contemporary group.

A low birthweight, rapid growth Prestige 0590 son by a three time Pacer Award cow. His dam has lifetime production indexes for BW, WW, YW, REA, and IMF of 102, 106, 102, 104, and 105. To say he comes from consistency is an understatement.

A high CED and CEM, low BW EPD son of 0590 that was extremely efficient on feed. He was a top end ADG bull with a 111 ratio for actual feed conversion.

A solid calving ease bull from our throwback pedigree sire, Count 5792. He shows good growth to weaning with a 108 ratio and should be moderate in size.

Top 5% CEM, top 15% CED, BW, and $CEZ makes this Count son a good bet to minimize calving issues and yet still yield good growth as indicated with his 103 index for YW.

A low RFI son of Prestige 0590. He is excellent for BW, CED and CEM as well as Top 10% $CEZ and top 20% $BMI.

Another low BW 0590 son with an actual BW of 73# which indexed 115 in his contemporary group. He would be heifer safe with a BW EPD in the top 4% of the breed. He was a 108 ratio for IMF as well.

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A very maternal, broody-looking Leader daughter that has “functional cow” written all over her. She has better than top 20% calving ease and birthweight EPDs as well as top 10% MB.

A little later maturing 0590 daughter that ratios 101 for weaning and 109 for yearling. She is top 25% for BW and CEM.

A powerhouse growth female out of the dominant Okie cow family. 8243 posts an unbelievable 118 for weaning and 121 for yearling. She has an equally impressive 116 ratio for REA and 142 for MB.

A Leader daughter by the Pacer Performance female, Kendra 2655. The Kendra family has long produced some of the most functional females all over the country and this one is no different. DS Carrier

Maiden’s pedigree should allow her to be moderate all the way from birth to yearling with extremely good CE EPDs. She also has a top 3% MB EPD.

A line bred Prestige 8u female that exhibits many of the traits that will make 8u’s presence felt for many generations. She is high calving ease and moderate in growth and easy keeping.

A maternal half sister to dam of the Lot 1 bull, Morgans 8246 exhibits the same kind of calving ease and explosive growth. She is top 1% of the breed for CED, CEM, MB and top 5% for BW, $CEZ, and $BMI. She will make a powerhouse cow.

Nita 8269 is another high growth Optimus daughter that ratioed 117 and 120 for weaning and yearling yet still has CED and CEM numbers above breed average. Her mother has 6 recorded progeny with an average birthweight of 88.

A solid red daughter of Answer 5720 that has a birth ratio of 111 and out of a cow that has ratioed 105 over all her production. She will be a moderate frame, easy keeping, maternal cow. DS Carrier

A full sister to the lead off spring yearling bull of the 2016 sale. Her mother is a Pacer Performance Dam with a 367 day calving interval that indexes 102 for birth and weaning.

A high growth 0590 female that still maintains a top 30% BW EPD and top 10% CEM. She is high marbling with a ratio of 110 in her contemporary group and a top 3% MB EPD.

Her sire, Prestige 4015, is one of our go to heifer bulls. His progeny are light birthweight and yet have moderate growth. Rose 8325 is no different as she is balanced across her EPD profile.

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