Join us in Pawnee Rock for the 10th Annual Predictable Genetics, Proven Performance Bull and Female Sale on March 7, 2020, selling 55 Shorthorn and Shorthorn Plus bulls and heifers. Check back for more details on the offering. The auction will be available through DVAuction online. Register here prior to sale. See past sale info here.

Bull Supplement Sheet

Heifer Supplement Sheet

Sale Report

Fall Bulls Average: $4646

Spring Bulls Average: $3271

Heifers Average: $1788

High selling bull $8750, Lot 6 to Crooked Post Shorthorns

Watch the 2020 sale here. 


Fall Bulls

It is only appropriate to start off our 10th sale with a bull that has been decades in the making.  It is nearly impossible to find a chink in the armor of this future sire as there is no box left unchecked.  Answer 8742 is absolutely unparalleled in his combination of superior phenotype and superb array of performance figures.  He not only leads a powerful contemporary group, but is a breed leader in nearly every measurable category and has big time feed efficiency numbers.  Take note, this is a sire that will change the breed if not the industry.

The second in a powerful line of Answer sons that will prove to the industry what a powerhouse sire group the Answer’s are.  8751 reads in the top 20% of the breed for CE and BW epds and growth EPDs.  He ranks in the top 1% for Marbling and is one of the top feed to gain conversion and RFI bulls. 

A powerful made, long bodied Answer son.  He is out of one of the top bull producing mothers on the place as she produced the top feed efficiency sire a year ago and already has one of the top 2020 sire prospects on the ground.  Pacesetter Dam, SL Emma 0708 struck gold again with 8716.  Not only is he in the top 25% for BW EPD, but also in the top 20% for WW and YW and the top 5% for $BMI and $F.

We have not blended a better package of calving ease genetics and power than what this Optimus son possesses.  He has been the crowd favorite since birth and his dam has been a Pacesetter female for two consecutive years.  8724 ranks in the top 3% of the breed for MB EPD as well as top 15% across all 3 $Indexes.  You will drive a lot of miles to find a sire that achieves this type of balance.

A superior calving ease Count son that will be moderate on growth.  8745 is in the top 5% for CED and CEM and top 10% for BW and $CEZ and out of a cow that has indexed 109 and 102 for weaning and yearling and an incredible 132 for marbling.  The Okie cow family has long been known as one of our top producing cow families.

A top feed efficiency son by Optimus, 8735 combines a low feed intake with impressive gain to make a conversion number of 5.3 which ratios 130 for this fall group and a RFI of -7.1.  Couple the feed efficiency, breed leading growth EPDs, and superior carcass numbers and you have the feeding industry’s dream genetic package.

A high growth Optimus son by a daughter of the great Jake’s Jazzy 250J, who was also mother of the legendary Jake’s Proud Jazz. He was known across the country for being a balance of extreme muscle shape and superior calving ease.

An Answer son with impressive actual growth that indexes 111 and 105 for WW and YW but also has CE and BW epds in the top 20% of the breed.  His growth numbers are backed up by a 4.41 ADG on Growsafe which calculated as a 111 index in that group.

A Right Choice son that shows a great balance of calving ease and moderate growth as he is top 30-40% across all three $indexes a trait that is very common with his sire.  He puts this balance with an exceptional look and outstanding low feed intake which results in a 118 index for feed conversion.

A low birthweight Right Choice that is in the top 1% of the breed for CEM.  With his $CEZ in the top 15%, 8765 will be heifer safe and his pedigree suggests he will be moderate for growth.

Maybe one of the most expressively muscled bulls in the offering, Count 8786 is powerful in every dimension.  He is heifer safe and has tremendous calving ease numbers including a 107 birthweight ratio in a group of 36 and top 10% BW, CED, and CEM EPDs.  His mother’s progeny have indexed 106, 102, and 100 for birth, weaning and yearling.  Don’t overlook his solid feed efficiency numbers as well.

A high growth Count son whose dam is a half sister to the Lot 7 bull, out of the great Jazzy cow family.  This impressive individual ratioed 106 and 101 for weaning and yearling and 119 for marbling in his large contemporary group.

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Spring Bulls

What a way to lead off a solid group of spring bulls than with the top calving ease bull in the offering?  Governor 9021 possesses the lowest CED number in the offering and is right with the lowest BW and CEM EPDs.  He ranks in the top 1% for $CEZ and 2% for $BMI suggesting that he will produce some of the most useful females in the industry.  Put those impressive numbers with a -3.06 RFI for feed efficiency and stellar eye appeal and you have the total package.

Another high calving ease sire, 9000 is top 15% for CED and BW and top 1% for CEM.  This Answer son exhibits balance across his $indexes as he is in the top 20% for each.  He also was one of the top feed conversion bulls in this spring group ratioing 115 for conversion with a -1.24 RFI.

A high performance Optimus son, 9081 has the blend of muscle and shape with top shelf growth numbers.  He has weaning and yearling ratios of 108 and 103 to back up his top 5% and 10% WW and YW EPDs.  His performance is no surprise coming from the breed leader in performance, Optimus, combined with a cow that has ratioed 104 and 103 on her progeny.

A nice blend of balanced genetics from the Rosie cow family mixed with the performance of Optimus generates this solid red bull with superior growth and is well above breed average for calving ease.  9125 is in the top 5% of the breed for WW EPD and $F, but shows his versatility to create replacement females with a top 10% $BMI.

9028  This Answer son puts together a nice balance of CE EPDs with solid performance.  He backs that up with one of the top gain rates on Growsafe and also top end conversion.  He should sire the balanced and feed efficient kind.

9029  A solid calving ease Count son with breed leading CE and BW numbers and also quite acceptable growth figures.  He has top tier IMF and MB EPDs and out of cow that has a 109 ratio for progeny IMF.  His extreme balance is evident in his top 10% or better $CEZ, $BMI, and $F.

Another high IMF and higher growth Count son.  9074 again has a really balanced EPD profile that is in the top 30% or better for most traits.  He possesses the highest WW and YW EPDs for any of the Count sons and yet has one of the lowest DMI numbers in the Spring group.

Growsafe identifies another low input machine.  9019 achieved the top F:G conversion in the pen and the lowest  RFI by a long shot by consuming an astonishing 13 lbs/day.  With this kind of feed efficiency combined with a top 3% BMI, think of the long term impact a sire like this could make on a cow herd.

A tremendous calving ease Answer son out of a 2018 Pacesetter Dam.  That should tell you that he is backed consistent performance and reproductive efficiency.  His 7 year old mother has a progeny weaning index of 104 and a lifetime average calving interval of 367 days.

An Answer son out of a Prestige/Double Duty bred cow will generate very predictable calving ease and moderate growth.  It will also yield a very balanced performance profile, evident by top 10% $CEZ and $BMI and top 25% $F.  The Answers have also been strong on MB EPD and it reads through as 9002 indexed 104 for IMF.

Answer 9003 is another predictable calving ease sire out of linebred Double Duty cow that has a 104 average index for BW.  He is also top 1% for CEM and top 10% for CED, BW, ST, MB, $CEZ, and $BMI and also posted a feed efficiency ratio of 125 for gain and 119 for conversion with a -1.48 RFI.

9037 is very similar bred to Lot 37 only with a little better growth and carcass characteristics.  He has a top 1% MB EPD and his $57.33 $F is in the top 15%.  Combine this growth with his 113 ratio for DMI and F:G and you have the ability to consume well under the average on feed and convert well better than the average of the pen.  

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There are times that you have to make selections and live with them.  This is one of those females we will wish we had back.  Queen 9096 is outstanding in here design and is out of a 3 time Pacer Performance cow.  She has all the tools to become one of those really outstanding cows.

Broody, feminine, great calving ease.  All these terms describe Lady 9018.  She has top 5% CE, BW and $CEZ numbers, Stayability EPD of 18, and a top 10% $BMI.  All of which indicate she will perform at a high level for many years.

A high performance Optimus daughter that shows you a ton of look and has the performance data to back it up.  She is among the breeds best for WW, YW, and MB EPDs.

A high performance Optimus daughter that shows you a ton of look and has the performance data to back it up.  She is among the breeds best for WW, YW, and MB EPDs.

A Leader daughter out of the high performance Lucy cow family.  9057 has calving ease and birthweight EPDs that are at the top of the breed mixed with a moderate mature size.  They are cattle that calve easy, grow hard, and then mature at a moderate size.

An Optimus out of that same high performance Lucy line.  Here is a female that ratioed 106 for yearling weight and 107 for REA.  She is out of a female that has a birthweight average of 80 lbs.

A calving ease daughter out of Count that ratioed 104 for birthweight to go along with top 15% CED and BW EPDs and top 10% CEM and $CEZ.  She also posted the top IMF in her group with a 121 index.

An Answer daughter out of a half sister to our Prestige 4015 sire that we use on heifers.  The consistency on calving ease can be seen in her top tier CED, CEM and BW EPDs.  She is one of the few females to rank in the top 15% for all 3 $indexes.  

A high growth female that ratios 110 and 113 for weaning and yearling and has WW and YW EPDs in the top 10%.  Her mother has a 5 progeny history of ratioing 101 for birthweight.

A Prestige daughter that is balanced in her performance indexing 103 for birth and 102 for yearling weight.  She also has a MB EPD in the top 20%.

An easy keeping Answer daughter that has breed leading calving ease backed by a mother that has 4 progeny that have indexed 105 for birthweight.  

The Optimus line have always been strong on carcass posting high IMF and MB EPDs and 9114’s mother has an average marbling index of 109.  It should be no surprise 9114 has an IMF index of 112.  She combines this with superior growth traits to produce a $F in the top 10%.

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