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Power of Heterosis
Power of Heterosis

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Loving Farms uses a combination of home-grown Shorthorn and Shorthorn Plus bulls and strategically chosen external genetics as herd sires. Ash Valley Count 5792, KL Proud Leader 321 and Kaper 4508 are low birthweight bulls ideal for first calf heifers, while Waukaru Optimus 4095 and Ash Valley Answer 5720 offer high performance genetics. Click here to see our Sale Bulls.


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Ash Valley Answer 5720


Ash Valley Count 5792


Lot 9, Ash Valley Right Choice8794.

Son of Ash Valley Right Choice 3212.

Ash Valley Right Choice 3212

Waukaru Optimus 4095


KL Proud Leader 321

Kaper 4508

KL Double Duty

JSF RB Prestige 8U

Ash Valley Jazz 9602

Ash Valley Duty 7155