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In a world with increased pressures and uncertain markets, doing more with less can be the difference in raising cattle for another year for some cattlemen. Loving Farms has been working with Hy-Plains Feedyard and GrowSafe for two years to offer this valuable data to our fellow cattlemen.


Click here for more info: GrowSafe QuickFacts and GrowSafe Low RFI Example

2019's Lot 17 posted a -8.22 RFI (Residual Feed Intake)! That means he maintained expected growth rates while eating 8 lbs of feed per day less than the average.


For quick comparison, a pen of 25 calves in the feedlot with those genetics would save $3,700 in feed costs in 180 days. There's a bull that pays for himself - quickly! 


For females, efficiency is possibly even more important: A study from Beef Cattle Research Council showed that a heifer with just -2 RFI can significantly reduce your feeding costs. Having just 5 of those heifers in your herd will save 1 ton of winter feed and a freedom of worrying about feed costs.

Impact of Selecting for RFI 


  • Have no effect on growth, carcass yield & quality grade

  • Reduce feed intake at equal weight and ADG

  • Improve feed to gain ratio by 10-15%

  • Reduce net energy of maintenance and reduce methane and manure production (reducing the carbon footprint of cattle)

  • Have a positive effect on body fatness or weight particularly during stressful periods

  • Will reduce feed costs

    • $0.07-0.10/hd/d feeders

    • $0.11-0.12/hd/d in cows​